Pride of Erin School of Irish Dance

Items for Sale

Beginner outfits


Beginner outfit includes a hand painted cape, poodle socks, and hand painted skirt. Please email Beth if you need a beginner outfit. This is $45. You are responsible for getting a plain white turtleneck or polo shirt. This can be purchased at any time through Beth.

Pride of Erin Embroidered Skirts


This skirt is an option for any level dancer from beginner through adult.  These skirts beautifully match our modern school dress. It is available with the cape ($140) or without it ($100).. You must wear a bright pink plain top that matches the pink in the skirt. We will place an order in the fall for those interested to save shipping costs. However, you can directly order this skirt at the below link.

Elastic Back Skirt order form

PRide of Erin TRaditional Dress


A limited number of used traditional dresses are available. Please see Beth for more information. Prices range from $100- $150.

Pride of Erin Modern dress


Advanced dancers should purchase our modern dress. Prices range depending on youth or adult sizing. ($360-$420). Each fall we will ask who would like to place an order because if we order together, we can save shipping costs. However, this dress can be ordered directly at the below link.

Advanced dress order form

Boys' School vest


This is the school vest for boys and coordinates well with our new dress. This is worn with a plain white dress shirt and black or navy pants. Each fall we will ask who would like to place an order because if we order together, we can save shipping costs. However, this vest can be ordered directly at the below link.

Boys vest order from

Solo dresses


Beth has a variety of solo dresses available for sale. Many moms also have solo dresses available. If you are interested in a solo dress, ask Beth or post on the yahoo or Facebook site that you are interested if anyone has one in your dancer's size. Prices range from $200- $1000. 

Solo Dresses for Sale

Mary Skotnicki Custom Solo Dress


Beautiful indigo blue Mary Skotnicki custom dress with purple, white, and bright blue accents. Over 60 large pear shaped Swarovski crystals plus many multicolored round Swarovski crystals- with no missing jewels on the dress. In like-new condition with no stains or defects. Estimated size is youth 14. Fit dancer best when she was about 5'2" but worn when she was about 5'1" to 5'4". One owner. Never been let out or down (there is let out/ down room). Asking $800- OBO. Email Kristy at

Mary Skotnicki Custom Solo Dress


Bright blue and white Mary Skotnicki  custom solo dress. Loaded with Swarovski crystals. Lightweight design -easy to dance in! Would make a great first solo dress! Estimated size is youth 10. One owner. Asking $250-OBO. Email Kristy at

Have a dress for sale?


More dresses to come....

Recommended Sites



There are many options available. The link below is a suggestion but you are welcomed to order whatever ghillies your dancer prefers.

Fay's Platinum Suede Ghillies

Beginner Hard shoes


These are reasonably priced hard shoes for the beginner. Novice and up dancers should see other options. 

Inishfree Beginner hard shoes

HArd shoes


These are one of many options. These are soft and more comfortable than some options out there.

Fay's Ultra Light hard shoes