Pride of Erin offers classes in Northeast Philadelphia, Feasterville, Souderton and Lansdale at
levels from Beginner through Champion.  Dancers, in conjunction with their families, can decide
to take one, two or even three classes per week dependent upon the interest level and dedication
of the student.  Each student registers for their Primary Class based on day, location and level of
dancing achieved at present.  If desired, the student then registers for their additional classes -
if any.  Power Saturdays, workshops and feisanna are not included in tuition.

If you are interested in beginning with Pride of Erin, take a moment and read our “New Student
Information” page for insight into the school, its operation and expectations.  The best times to
start a student new to Irish dance are the Summer session beginning mid-June or the Fall
session beginning in September.  Occasionally, there will be a sufficient number of beginners
to start a new class mid-year.  Contact Beth Timoney by phone or email for specific information
regarding mid-year start dates for beginners

Classes are structured to allow students to master basic techniques on which they will build as they progress through the levels.
Class structure is as follows:

Beginner & Basic:        This class is designed for the new beginner and those students still mastering basic movements of
             Irish dance in soft shoes only.  If you have never danced or are at the Beginner level of competition, this is the
             class for you.  If you have not yet begun study of hard shoe, select from these classes only.

Intermediate, Novice & Up:        This class is for students who have attained these levels through competition in feisanna or, if they
             choose not to compete, have been invited to learn hard shoe steps and techniques by Miss Beth.  If you do not
             satisfy either of these criteria, please select Beginner & Basic as your class.

Senior by Invitation:        These classes are for dancers experienced in both soft and hard shoe steps and are by INVITATION ONLY.
             You may not select this class level at your own discretion.  Dancers under 12 are not permitted at this class level.

If you have any questions on which class type you should attend, please contact Beth Timoney, Karen Capobianco or Kristy Wharfe.

Registration will take place on the first night of your Primary Class.  Please print both the Registration Form and the Tuition Contract.
Fill out both forms and bring the completed forms with you along with full payment for the session plus the pertinent annual registration
fee.  Checks may be made payable to "Beth Timoney".

If you wish to attend additional classes, please attend your Primary Class night first for registration.  You may then attend your additional
New Student Information
Tuition Contract
Registration Form
Detailed Class Schedule
Beth Timoney, TCRG,

Class Locations:
Feasterville, PA
Lansdale, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Souderton, PA

For Information Call:
(215) 364-1076
(215) 206-3662

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